Back in the swing of things

I’m rather tired thus week. I feel as though I hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since the new year. A Short week, a nasty cold, a monthly reminder of the “joys” of being a woman, and the first session of the year, with only two of us in the office, both having to work all weekend, well understandably I could use a nap right about now!

On the bright side, tomorrow is already Thursday! I feel like I’m ahead of the avalanche, and am getting my bearings while wrapping my head around my schedule. Trying to automate as much as possible so there is a rhythm and I don’t have to think as much about what I should be doing but rather be in the moment and just do .

My brain is “working” to.
You know how you get so bogged down in the niggly negative details sometimes? Well… I’m learning to let go. (at least let go a little quicker… short moment of “that bastard/bitch! WTF?!… then a deep breath, and let it go…)



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