“Saturday, in the park”…er…Starbucks…

Having a bit of a lazy day today. Ok, well, not lazy per say, but rather “unstructured”
Slept in, cause I could.

I needed it for sure as the cold and short but over taxing work load kinda knocked the stuffing out of me this week. I’m not 100% yet, but I cough only once every hour or so, instead of constantly. Still a little phlegmy/mucousy though, so no heavy lifting, running, high energy activity today.

Still have to do some “work” work to do today and tomorrow, (and of course my internet connection was brutal this morning. bah. Took me over an hour to do something that would have taken 10-15 mins.) but barring a catastrophe, I don’t have to actually go into the office until Monday. (so much for the work 9-5, life the rest of the time resolution)

Now I’m out and about, meeting one of my besties for “coffee tawk” later (managed a table by the fireplace! woot!)

Don’t you hate when you run out of the house with a plan to do A, B & C, but you accidentally leave the components for part of B and part of C at home. Fuck. Such a knob.
Oh well, I guess I will just do what I can, and finish the rest at home.


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