lazy night = bad pizza…

I think I am going to put a moratorium on ordering take out pizza in 2011. I have a bit of an excuse right now in that my oven isn’t working. (and my toaster oven is, well, a toaster oven… and a teeny tiny cheapo one at that!)

But once I have a fancy (nee: working) oven happening in my epicurean cave (nee: kitchen) I plan on upping the cooking ante. I was doing really well with preparing the majority of my meals until December when my oven kicked the bucket.

I bought myself my first official gluten free cookbook for Christmas. “Gluten Free girl and the Chef”
And as such, I intend to try to eliminate the over processed “convenience” snacks that I still cling to. They have recipes for pizza dough, fresh pasta, crackerbread (!!) etc…*so excited!*

It kills me to pay through the nose for a mediocre pizza from a chain, who charges me an additional $5 just for a barely edible crust, on top of taxes and delivery charge. (that was $12 before ONE topping hit the oven!)

I buy and eat good quality foods, so it stands to reason that if I can just perfect the vehicle (crust) I could pull off a spectacularly tasty pizza to enjoy on a Saturday night, and not be faced with this:

Now at first glance, this looks pretty healthy/yummy. But what it is is soggy veggies (boiled or blanched not “grilled” as promised), raw onions, sad “feta” like cheese, flavorless olives, and sad slivers of sun dried tomatoes on a crust that has the taste and texture of the box it came in. (in fact, as the pizza cools, the crust turns to concrete… and the box becomes more edible)

Thank goodness for the red wine washing it all down… lol!


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