“We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…”

I awoke this morning from a dream about Tornado’s touching down in what I can only assume was Toronto, though it was a little Dali like in it’s post destruction state as I was walking around.

Here is what it means to dream of a Tornado:

1. A tornado indicates that you are likely to feel that an important relationship or challenge is on the horizon. The dream indicates that you are soon to be trusted in a situation and you must understand the consequences.

2. A dream that includes a tornado indicate the onset of sudden and major change in your life. Self-destruction.
Something that is unpredictable or uncontrollable …

3. Tornadoes in dreams suggest you are very angry about a current situation and are afraid to express your feelings – which you need to do – for fear of hurting others.

4. tornado: An overwhelming or destructive situation in real life, most likely out of the dreamer’s control. A feeling or fear of being taken advantage of or victimized, especially suddenly or in an unpredictable way …

yup, that pretty much sums up what’s going on and how I’m feeling right now.

On the brightside, at least I was able to sleep. (that has been rather elusive since NYE)


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