in gluten free bagel bliss!

Seriously, it took me one year. ONE WHOLE YEAR, to find the perfect gluten free bread.

Over the holidays I discovered not one, but two amazing products. Udi’s & Aiden’s.

Udi’s, popular in the U.S., just finally made it up here to Whole Foods. I tried their pizza crust and their bagels. Both rocked! The bagels however were closer in texture to a kaiser bun than a bagel. Tasty nonetheless!

On new year’s eve, I found an Aiden’s baguette. Oh. My. Lord. It was crusty on the outside, soft and a little dense on the inside, the perfect compliment to my cheese fondue, brie & pate. I also picked up a pack of the bagels, which I finally tested this morning. Wow. WOW! (I’m still not feeling well, so the comfort of a bagel w/peanut butter and a peppermint tea with honey was perfection!) 

I can’t wait to try additional products from both companies this year. 


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