Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…

How do you measure, a year in the life?

One day at a time I guess. Though I don’t intend on posting daily. At least I’m not setting myself up for that epic failure on only the first day. 😉

365 Days. 52 Weeks. 12 Months.

I can promise a minimum of 12 posts in 2o11. How’s that for a lofty goal?

So, after my rant yesterday morning, I went for a long walk. Did a little “wishful” shopping (my version of window shopping) and picked up some nibbles for the night.

I could feel the “blech” descending on me. Yes, despite my best efforts to avoid everyone and everything suffering through “The Plague” ™ this holiday season, I awoke to a scratchy throat and running nose a day ago. Fuck. If I was going to get sick, it would have been waaaaaaaay more convenient to do so at the beginning of my time off, rather than now, as I essentially have to be at 100% in a few days.

Anyway, since I was feeling under the weather, I decided to have a solo livingroom picnic to close out the old year and welcome in the new. I had found a reasonably calm, happy demeanor while out wandering, not to mention a gluten free french stick which made me squee!! I came home, poured a drink, and went about setting up my eats while watching the World Juniors get their ass handed to them. (ok. that’s a bit harsh. they played their asses off, but in the end, came up short.)

It was all going according to plan… good food, good booze, movies lined up, pj’s on…
Then came the text.
It was like 2010 just felt the need to roundhouse kick me in the side of the head one last time.

Funny how burning hot helping of “ah I give up,  just fuck it all” kills your buzz. And your appetite. And your will to… well, do anything. On top of that, I was all of a sudden WIDE AWAKE.

Fast forward to 6am. 3 movies & a couple of episodes of Ace of Cakes later and I finally fell asleep. Happy New Year… :-/

Woke up at 11:16am, feeling like shit. Poked around the interweb for a while, ate some breakfast, then chilled in my jammies all day as it was a dark, dingy, day outside.
I debated making some resolutions. I didn’t. I hate those.
I debated doing about a million other things actually… but in the end, figured I would just let this cold/flu/general malaise run it’s course on me for the day.

I am feeling a distinct lack of motivation towards anything and anyone lately. And now I get overwhelmed thinking any further ahead than tomorrow. Maybe that is how I shall play out the first couple of weeks of this year. Day to day.

On the bright side, I’ve gone from just being “thinky” to being “writey”. That bodes well for the new blog…

1 down, 364 days to go…


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